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Baker's Favorites

Updated: Jan 12

Hi friends! One thing I get asked A LOT from fellow bakers is which products I use for any number of baking supplies and tools for my home bakery business.

Here are some of my favorite products that I use constantly for my cookie baking. I'll be adding to it as I have time! Have questions or specific requests? Let me know and I'm happy to share more about what I've used for my business.

Baking Tools and Equipment

Cookie scoop (4 tablespoon; my "go-to" scoop):

Cookie scoop (2.5 tablespoon; I use this for cookie sandwiches):

Cookie scoop - tiny, 1 teaspoon:

Cookie scoop - gigantic, half cup(ish):

Cookie sheets; I own 40 of these and they're the largest I've found that fit in my standard-size residential oven:

Countertop tiered cooling rack; this is what I used in my kitchen prior to moving to the large rolling cooling rack. This one is perfect if you're short on space and/or find yourself working with a few cookie sheets at a time:

Food storage containers with airtight lids; these are so handy for keeping cookie mix-ins and toppings fresh:

Rolling rack for cooling and cookie storage:

Cover for rolling rack; I use this if I'm letting cookies sit overnight:

Electric hand mixer; perfect for when your stand mixer is in use for something else. I tried so many hand mixers and this one has been the best and most powerful:

Bowl covers; I use these for my KitchenAid 8qt bowls when I measure out dry ingredients the night before baking:

Springform pans 9"; I have half a dozen of these and this version is the best!

Springform pan set 4"; these are fun for making small versions of deep dish cookie cakes:

Extra bowls for 8qt KitchenAid; super helpful if you like to measure/prep all your batches at once:

Extra flat beater attachment for 7/8qt KitchenAid; saves time when switching from one flavor to another:

Parchment sheets; so much more economical than buying rolls of Reynolds parchment:

Parchment circles; I use these for cookie cakes:

Food-safe gloves:

Piping tip set; these are essential for frosting treats:

Piping bags; perfect for drizzling melted chocolate, frosting treats, and cookie kits:

Plastic containers with airtight lids; some use these for meal prepping, I use them to store nuts in the freezer (put in a ziplock bag first), or other mix-ins that need to be frozen (truffles, fudge, frosting balls, etc.):

Gallon storage bags; I use the Amazon brand and they've been great! I use them constantly to store mix-ins and cookies in the freezer/cabinet/etc.:

The best rolling pin on the planet for consistent results:

Large offset spatula; I use this for spreading frosting on cookie cakes:

Small offset spatula; I use this for spreading frosting on cookies:

Giant, awesome, deep pan that I use for baking layered cookie bars:

Baking rings; I use these for brownies and any cookie that has a tendency to spread:

Sprinkle grabber; I resisted this for years, but it's super helpful:

Cake knife and server set; I use these for slicing and photographing cookie cakes:

Powder shakers; I use these for sprinkling cinnamon and powdered sugar:

Heart-shaped silicone pan; I use this for heart-shaped cookies for Valentine's Day:

Mini muffin pan; makes 24 tiny muffins OR the cutest little cookie cups:

Mix and Chop tool; lots of different brand options, but the PC one is the most durable I've found. I have a few of these and use them to crush cookies, candies, nuts, etc:

Mini spatula/scraper/mixing tool; literally all of my spatulas are Pampered Chef brand because it's the only kind I've found that actually lasts:

Mini serving tool; I use this for reshaping cookies that need a little help when fresh out of the oven:

Large metal spatula; this PC tool is excellent quality and is super helpful when I'm trying to remove a giant cookie bar from the pan:

Long skinny spatula; another PC tool I use just about every time I bake:

Mixing and scooping spatula; if I had to choose just one spatula for the rest of my life, this is the one I'd go with. I have half a dozen in my kitchen and use them daily:

Oven mitts; these are long, durable, and great quality:

Food scale; absolutely could not function as a baker without this scale:

KitchenAid 8 quart mixer; I'm obsessed with my mixer and the efficiency its brought to my bakery business - bonus, it's super easy to find extra attachments so you can wash dishes less frequently during those marathon baking days. Yes, it's an investment, but a worthwhile one:

Kitchen shoes; no, they're not pretty, but they sure help when you're on your feet for a marathon baking session:

Apron; durable, functional, and a classic style:

Intensive repair lotion; this stuff is truly the best and I've subscribed and saved for years. Definitely helpful when you're a baker and washing your hands 100 times per day:

________________________________________________________________________________Packaging Favorites

Heat sealer; durable and reliable:

Small thermal printer; I use this for printing my disclaimer ("this product was produced in a home bakery..." labels. Super easy to use and the most economical option for labeling I've found:

Rolls of labels for thermal printer above:

Case to store printer, charging cable, and labels - helpful to keep it all together:

Bakery tissue paper for packing orders:

Spool of black and white cotton twine; I use this to package cookie orders:

Spool of red and white cotton twine; I use this for Christmas and Valentine's order packaging:

Plain white gable boxes; this is my go-to box for packing up 6 cookies:

Kraft paper bags in a medium size that work great for holding clamshell containers referenced below and the plain white gable boxes:

Kraft paper bags in a small size that are perfect for individually wrapped cookies, 2-packs of cookies, and personal-size cookie cakes:

Clamshell containers 5" x 5"; this is the best quality I've found for the price and the only brand I'll buy for containers in this style:

Cookie cake boxes; excellent quality 10x10x5:

Cardboard cake rounds for cookie cakes; 10":

"Thank You" boxes; I use these for teacher appreciation and thank you gifts:

Multipurpose greeting cards; I use this variety for teacher gifts at the start of the year, and "just because" gifts:

Teacher appreciation cards:

Thank you cards:

Happy holidays cards:

Pet loss sympathy cards:

5.5 oz plastic containers with lids; I use these for frosting in both cookie kits and to sell separately:

2 oz plastic containers with lids; perfect for sprinkles in cookie kits:

12 oz plastic containers with lids; I use these to pack up frosting:

Mini aluminum heart-shaped pans with lids; these are perfect for individual-size cookie cakes for Valentine's Day:

Mini aluminum loaf pans with lids; I use these in all different colors for cookie bars, cookie dippers, and frosted cookies:

Mini baking cups with lids; these are perfect for cupcakes and individual-serving cookie cakes. I've bought this in so many colors and they're great quality:

Matte white polka dot cookie sleeves - self adhesive; I love these for handing out a single cookie. They're more expensive than a lot of other cookie sleeves, so I wouldn't use them for bulk orders, more for when you have a reason to just give out one! These are adorable and great quality:

Self-adhesive clear cellophane cookie sleeves; I use these for individually wrapping cookie orders (not just one cookie/samples). 4" x 6":

Large self-adhesive clear cellophane cookie sleeves; this is the type and size I use for 2-packs on cookie cooler days:

Mexican vanilla; I buy this by the gallon and it's my favorite for cookies:

Espresso powder; this brand is amazing and so flavorful. I use this for coffee-flavored cookies and in chocolate cookies to give them an extra rich flavor:

Black cocoa powder; this brand is my absolute favorite. High quality, so rich, and the color is perfection. Love using this cocoa powder in my chocolate-based treats:

Biscoff cookie crumbles; these are so much more convenient than opening up dozens of individual cookie pages:

Set of assorted gel food coloring; I use these when I'm not making a TON of any one particular color cookie/frosting:

Assorted artificial dye-free food coloring; for special requests:

Red food coloring; I use this for red velvet cookies:

Pink food coloring; I use this for strawberry cookies:

Yellow food coloring; I use this for lemon cookies:

Blue food coloring; I use this for cookie monster cookies:

Maldon sea salt flakes; these are perfect and really elevate flavors like salted caramel and dark chocolate sea salt:

Storage box for salt; super convenient for keeping flaked sea salt:

Cake batter extract; this is what I use for funfetti cookies/cookie cakes and the flavor is perfect:

Almond extract; this one is imitation almond and nut-free:

Butter emulsion; I use this in a lot of cookie flavors and frostings:

Lorann emulsions; this brand is my favorite for almost any flavor. Here is a great starter set:

Lorann emulsions fruity set; I use these frequently:

Cookie butter emulsion; my absolute favorite from Lorann:

Eyeball sprinkles; perfect for Halloween orders and cookie monster cookies:

Cookie Cooler Essentials

No-sweat ice packs; I don't always use ice packs, but on particularly hot days, I add a few of these reusable ice packs to the cooler:

Giant cooler; this is not the exact model I have because mine is no longer available, but this is what I will replace or supplement with when it's time:

Large felt letterboard sign; I set this up on the porch with my business name and pricing info:

Large self-adhesive clear cellophane cookie sleeves; this is the type and size I use for 2-packs on cookie cooler days:

Clamshell containers 5" x 5"; this is the best quality I've found for the price and the only brand I'll buy for containers in this style:


Market/Event Day Essentials

Stretchy table covers for standard folding tables; I use these for porch pickup days and also at markets and have purchased sets in both black and white:

Tiered storage/display baskets - amazing quality for the price; I own 4 of them and utilize for at-home storage and also for markets/events:

Labels for displaying item flavors; I use these on my tiered wooden shelves/baskets and change them out every market for different flavors:

Acrylic risers; I use these to display treats at my booth:

Folding tables (6 ft); I own two of these and they're perfect for markets and cookie porch pickup days:

Large felt letterboard sign; I set this up on at my booth with my business name and pricing info:

Heart set; perfect for Valentine's cookie kits:

Fall/Thanksgiving; perfect for cookie kits:

Snowflake set; I make a Frozen-inspired cookie kit with these:

Easter egg; ideal for cookie kits:

Circle cutter set; I use these to round out misshapen cookies and also to cut circle cookies for cookie stamping:

Gingerbread house set; I've made all kinds of non-gingerbread houses like funfetti and strawberry with this set:


Photography Props and Accessories

Classic cake stand; I use this for photographing both cookies and cookie cakes, and even on event days as a display:

Large white cutting board; I use this as a nice clean photo background for many of my marketing photos:

Wooden serving/cutting board; I use this as a display for taking product photos:

Gold baking sheet; perfect for photos (and I use mine for occasional baking too):

Wooden serving/display boards; I use these for displaying treats in product photos:

Please note that as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Every product listed above is one I've personally used in my own business and recommend to others.

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