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Our Story

CRAVE Cookie Co. was founded in 2022, but has been in the making for decades. Owner, Kristi Weideman, has long been known for sharing her love of scratch-made cookies with friends and family alike. Cookies bring everyone together and make people happy.
When the world suddenly changed in 2020, Kristi found herself spending increased time at home, and dedicating more time to baking just for the sake of creating and reigniting an old hobby. Friends and family encouraged her to offer up homemade treats to her neighborhood in Argyle, Texas, and Harvest Cookie Delivery was born. The tagline "Baking the World a Better Place" might sound like a cheesy platitude, but being afforded the opportunity to bake neighbors' favorite treats is truly a privilege Kristi treasures. 
Thank you for following along and supporting us as CRAVE Cookie Co. grows.

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