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Special Order Only - The B.A.C.

Special Order Only - The B.A.C.

The Notorious B.A.C. 

The cookie monstrosity lovingly referred to as The Big Ass Cookie, or B.A.C., for short. 

Show of hands - who prefers cookies to cake? You’re not alone, friend! Here’s a solution to birthdays, holidays, and Mondays that feel like they should be Fridays. 

DISCLAIMER: If you’re wanting an artistic masterpiece that belongs in the Louvre (you know the kind of cakes we’re talking about!), please don’t order this. If what you really want is a big ass cookie, read on. The BAC is never, ever perfect - but always delicious. 

Special order only - 1 week notice please. Please contact us to order. 

Serves: 18-20 (yes, REALLY!)
Flavors: the sky’s the limit. So far, we’ve made cookies ‘n’ cream, M&M, snickerdoodle, rainbow sprinkle, vanilla bourbon pecan, classic sugar, double chocolate chip, strawberry, banana nut, and pumpkin snickerdoodle. Any cookie flavor that’s been offered here can be made into a cake, with the exception of crinkle-style cookies. 
Frosting: choices include vanilla, chocolate fudge, or cream cheese. Unless requested otherwise, cookie cakes will include frosting on top. Script, drawings, flowers, etc. are not an option. Frosting application will be extremely basic, but supremely delicious.
Sprinkles: TONS of options here. Tell us what you have in mind and we will do our very best to exceed your expectations.
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